Unlocking Your Child's Potential: Parenting with Love and Logic

Embrace respect and kindness in parenting, and witness your child's self-esteem flourish.

Melanie Mannerly


Confused About Your Child's Education? 

The internet is overflowing with information, but what is the right approach for your child? Let's explore this from a different perspective.

Your child is a unique individual, a person, with a small body, and needs help to grow. As parents, your role is to guide them, and this phase of guidance lasts only about 15 years. So, what does it mean to "help them grow"? 

parenting education with love type of parenting
parenting education with love type of parenting

I've seen it many times: A parent talks to a friend respectfully and politely, but when they turn to their child, their tone and approach change drastically. It's as if they treat their child with severity instead of love and logic.

Consider another example: An aunt interacts warmly and courteously during family gatherings with adult relatives. They engage in conversations, listen attentively, and show empathy. However, when it comes to their child, they resort to harsh words and criticism for minor misbehaviors, often discussing the child's flaws in front of other family members. How do you think the child feels in moments like these? I can tell you...

This inconsistency in behavior can leave the child feeling unloved and miserable.

A person doesn't treat colleagues at work like they treat their child at home. They don't shout, slam, or punish a colleague for a mistake or a spilled coffee. Yet, these actions may occur when dealing with their child at home.

It shouldn't be this way. If someone can have a normal, respectful conversation with others, they can do the same with their child.

A child deserves the same respect as any other person. I've often thought this child will grow up and stand before their parent as an adult. How can the parents look into their eyes, knowing they mistreated them as a child?

These real-life examples emphasize how treating children differently from adults regarding respect, kindness, and patience can profoundly impact their self-esteem, emotional well-being, and overall development.

love and respect children education
love and respect children education